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Re-enactments, Events, Animationsc2
Here briefly our Activities
- Historic Revival (Re-enactments), Parades and Events
- Sports activities: Flag-school (flag-wavers show); Historic archery trainings
- Teaching Projects for schools; job school training (internship)
- Visits to historic mansions with the help of unusual characters
The main business of our association is to show a cross-section of the social background of the city of Parma in early 1300 through an historic revival of all those characters who populated ancient "Porta San Francesco" city quarter.
Current Barriera Bixio (Barbieri Circus) was founded in 1261 together to the namesake main street leading to the city center. These characters are the Prior, the kind ladies and the powerful marquises, the skilled craftsmen, the armigers ...
In addition to the annual competition with the other "porte" (city gateways) during the «Palio of Parma», held every third weekend of September by the Institution of Social Promotion called "Centro Sportivo Italiano", we offer: parades in historical clothes, instinctive archery, demonstrations and training with hand to hand weapons, visits with special animated guides,
the organization of events with musicians, experienced flag flyers (with great musical, choreographic and athletic skills) and other street performers.
Rediscover the Contrada (city quarter), Parma and its territory in the Middle Ages.
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